Monday, April 13, 2009

The King Dr. Magic

This is one of the best public access cable performances I've ever seen.

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Prez said...

Man Paul come on! YOUR EMINEMS MANAGER! Paul I swear to you ever since the day slim shady lp came out I became an eminem fan -- no, I became his student. No I wasn't a stalker, but everytime and eminem song came out I was there to buy it. I skipped school to get Marshall mathers lp AND I skipped school for the eminem show, even though I didn't get it for the first day, but I still got it! Look what I'm trying to say is, crack a bottle and we made you are the worst songs ever made by eminem. I mean WTF!? 4 years and we get this? The only reason why it's on the top 10 is only for the sake of nostalgia. Other than that IT SUCKED! Sorry but that's the truth. I'm positive you won't give a shit about this but I'll be happy enough if you read this. Eminem is the only reason why I still listen to rap. Fuck it, I don't listen to anything else other than rap. Jay-Z even fell off. All jay-Z is doing now is trying to maintain his fan base by getting on tracks with lil Wayne and Kanye west. Please Paul, we love eminem. Eminem wasn't the only person depressed when proof passed. We became eminems family. Damn it I'm being truthful as fuck right now. Please tell eminem to get back to the "lose yourself" and "stan" days.