Sunday, February 21, 2010

Twitter Presents: Jewish Rap Names

Last night, Twitter became ablaze out of nowhere with a topic called #jewishrapnames. I think most people caught the drift, and it quickly became a game of who can think of the best name alteration first. Some people just didn't get it, and they wrote things that were either unclever, uncouth, or unfunny. Most of you did though, and the homie A-Trak went through and collected the best of the best. I added a few as well. Have a (good) sense of humor and check it out.

Kiddush Cudi
Daven The Dude
Schvitzmaster Mike
Oy Vey Da Jewman
Jerusalem The Damaja
Dr. Dreidel
Latke Flocka
The Ghetto Goys
The Cool Yids
Moses Def
The Lox...
Jew Tang Clan
Too Schwartz
Soulja Boychick
Talis Kweli
Sephardic-Cyde "Passover Me By"
The Lost Tribe Called Quest / Kvetch
Star of David Banner
Matzah P
De La Shul (feat. Trugoy)
Purim Righteous Teachers
Sir Mix-A-Latke / Sir Shiksa-Lot / Sir Schvitz-A-Lot / Sir Mitzvah-Lot
Big Punim
Lord Schmear
Shabbat X
Shalom Village
Leaders of the New Schul
Bris Markie
Slim Zadie
Bubbie Sparxxx
Limp Brisket
Afrika Bam-schmata
Kvetch Armstrong
Invisibl Skratch Shekels
Young Berg...
Schticky Fingaz
Fat Jew aka Don Cartahebrew
Jewvenile, Jewnior Mafia, Jewpac
Souls of Mitzvah
Meshugah Hill Gang "Rabbi's Delight"
Rick Reuben
Kugel Keith
Nicki Mi-nosh
Kid Shiksa
Foxy Braun
Sunz of Manichevitz
Lil Knish
Jay Elec-Hanukkah
Boyz II Mensch
Eric B. & Hashem
Young Schmuck

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who contributed. Except for those of you who made WWII references that were idiotic and in bad taste. Shame, shame.


Neil McGrath said...


pac man said...

LOL@ Sephardic-Cyde

berenichi said...

Sometimes the verbal diarrhea that is twitter can be hilarious. Love it

Robin said...

Cypress Hillel!!!!

DJ Critical Hype said...

Fuckin funny shit, and not just cause im jewish.... lol

Vanilllove said...

Hahahahah, great! As You in US say, "LMFAO". ;)
I have something for You too, Mr. Paul. If You're real fan of Da Bears, You should know things like that:
Take care!

Anonymous said...

you guys are keeping it isreal!

Jazz One said...

Jew Tang Clan- C.R.E.A.M.

Jazz One said...

Big Goi and Andreidel 3000.

Jazz One said...

Rick Roth (RAWTH.)

FemaleBorderlineSociopath said...

hahahahahahaha... "dr. dreidel"... being a jew is fun because you get laugh at jew jokes and you have immunity from people calling you racist.

Anonymous said...