Monday, March 01, 2010

Em on Howard '99

Here is a hilarious (for more reasons than one) video of Eminem's only Howard Stern appearance back in the day when he was terrestrial-bound at NY's KROQ circa 1999.

Props to 2Dopeboyz for unearthing this.


Unknown said...

Em or Paul must not have liked the way Howard conducted the interview, y'all haven't been back since. Paul you should have Em go back to the Stern show, he's the only DJ that conducts his interview in a unique way. He doesn't suck up to celebs like other stations. Not the same old, "So are you Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, Or Eminem on this album?". I'm so sick of that.

Dani Gantt said...

Howard Stern is a dick. And, I think he's a racist. That's why they stick that poor Black lady on there... so no one will notice. Eminem "acts Black," because he says "Yo, yo, yo... What's up?" I am Black, and I don't say "Yo,yo,yo... "... so, I guess Howard would think I "act White." The whole issuing certain traits to certain races is bullshit. Fuck Howard Stern... he has no right to be trying to analyze anyone. And, don't even get my started on the "Oh.. Em's just like a Black guy cause his Daddy dumped him." Ugh. You can be any color and have your Dad decide to shit on you. Howard Stern should do us all a favor and go get some Pantene Pro-V and wash that nasty ass head. Then maybe some oxygen can get through his scalp and into his brain.

Do not go back on this show. Y'all rightly stayed away from him.

On a lighter note, Em, what was up with that blonde ass hair? You look like you were trying out to be Sisquo replacement in Dru Hill. Lol.

Unknown said...

Why did he say he was 24 early in his career? Something the label suggested? Since he was actually more along the lines of 27.

Anonymous said...

Howard Stern sounds like an idiot- whats the deal with the black/white thing. People are people. He sounds retarded.

KingpinEX said...

lol one guy call and siad eminem is a ONE HIT WONDER looool
thats fucking cool.

so fun to see how people were so anti and now his the biggest artist in the world! fuck evry body!

eminem is the GOAT!