Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eli Porter- The Documentary

A couple, maybe three years ago, the legendary "Iron Mic" freestyle battle from a high school local access television program involving one Eli Porter made waves around the internet. Now, somebody found enough time to go back, seven years after the battles occurred, and make a documentary on it. It's an appropriately absurd follow-up to a bizarre phenomenon... Check it out.


Volpe said...

Did you see the Video of him saying he's not retarded? World Star Hip Hop put it up two days ago. Interestingly he doesn't come off as mentally retarded, as he did the rap battle..

"The Real Eli Porter Is Back & Sets Record Straight About The Infamous Youtube Battle In High School! "Im Not Retarded" -

The comments are hilarious.. I don't get it, though..

Freddi said...

well yeah, i registered too but i havent got round to start it, what i have to say is not as interesting as your words tho (especially about Em) lol

Dani Gantt said...

Wow. That's crazy.
I forgot about him.

It really makes you think about what will happen to all these "overnight internet sensations."

Anonymous said...

Ashley Carney not Tracey Stewart, sorry, they look allot alike.. Ashley Carney actually had the fake Hailie as a friend too.