Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recovery Album Shoot- Behind the Scenes Pt. 1

Below, check out Part 1 of the "behind the scenes" video from the packaging shoot for Eminem's Recovery album. See how Em felt about being outside in the unseasonable cold with Nigel Parry and the concept behind the glass box... And what Em is "really trying to say."


Eminembiggestfans Blog• said...

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I read your last interview with Roy, and it's amazing how you talk, how you talk about Eminem. I could say, it's the best interview of the 2010 no doubt. I don't like the last interviews they did to Em, they don't ask him interesting questions. Although there are some exceptions.

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Anonymous said...

Wow he's sooo different... and I Like it! Really! I don't know if you guys planned for him to say all that, or act that way, but when the camera man is just walking beside him while he's just talking about the weather and the "what I was really tryna say" bit, He comes off REALLY good, human. The guy you hear in his music. It use to be that the two didn't really match. He actually seems a little bit more humble and shy than he used to be. He was always funny in an arrogant ass sort of way, but now he's funny in a quirky, really likable way. Even when he's picking with the crew about sitting in the cold. There's something imperfect about him now that's really charming and lovable, at the same time you really don't wanna piss off! haha! But someone really does need to convince Em to let his hair grow just a tiny bit! Like a 1/4 of an inch, cuz it's darker now, so the contrast against his scalp stands out more. I'm sure he doesn't care about that stuff, so it shouldn't be a hard sell. I do wish he wanted to have more of a presence online, like kanye, I think he'd be a really funny tweeter. Just tweeting his thoughts! I liked when he was sending picks of his donkey kong scores, that was funny. Anyway I didn't expect to, but really like this Recovering Eminem way more! this was too short! Part 2!

Unknown said...

So... what Em is "relly trying to say"?? ha, ha!!

Hey Paul!! nice blog and nice video too. I don't speak english very well, I'm spanish, so I excuse my lacks of spelling.

Only I want to say that thank you for your blog.
It makes me happy to see Marshall better, recovered and happy for which nobody deserves a smile any more than he.

You take care of him and overcoat that he knows that we all are here to support him, though it is something that already he knows.

I suppose that this is something that you will not read but ...
There is nothing that I could say that you hadn't listen before so...

Thank you and be happy!

The_Aitch said...

Wow, He is ripped!
Also, one day at a time. Yes please!

Thanks for sharing!