Monday, September 20, 2010

Travis Barker w/The Cool Kids - "Jump Down" (Music)

The first official warmer from Travis Barker's forthcoming Interscope LP Give the Drummer Some is here... and you can get it for FREE! Follow the link below and get involved.

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Unknown said...

Hey paul!!!!

I know that already I wrote to you a short time ago and I don't want to be tedious. I Only want to ask you if there's some way to contact Marshall. I know there're many fans who write to him letters and I already know he doesn't read all, but I'd loved write to him one. From always, when the things have gone wrong, Marshall has been the person who has done that I get ahead. I know it looks like a madness, how can be if not at least I know him? But as already I said to you I don't need to know him in person to know how he really is. His music, his rhymes, his voice and his way of expressing what he thinks and feels is incredible. He's incredible. I'd never seen before anybody who was feeling what he feels for his daughter,who has fought so much to get what he really wanted, who has suffered so much and has been capable of recovering ... well, there're thousand things that I would like say to him and I can't, It'd be very important for me that he knew what I feel, that I exist. As for him the hip hop was his way of escaping of the reality and overcoming the problems, he's the same thing for me.I'm sorry to bother you, Paul, and I know I'm writing to you a whole book here but I suppose I don't lose anything for trying it. In the life it's necessary to fight for the things that one wants and have faith that you can get it, and I have faith that you'll read my comment and you'll answer to me. Hope is the last thing that gets lost, I guess.
This is all Paul. take care so much. And go on with your blog, is brilliant and you're briliant too.
I'm not gonna bothering you more, I promise.
I only hope you answer to me but I'd understand that you wouldn't do it.
Just in case, I leave you the direction of a blog that I did once and that I don't use a long time ago.

Thank you