Friday, October 08, 2010

Marshall & Anderson- 60 Minutes

Eminem chops it up with Anderson Cooper this weekend on CBS's 60 Minutes at 7:00PM EST or whenever the 2nd football game ends.
In the clip above, Em shows you how he can rhyme words that you can't. As if you didn't know he could do that already. Because you should have.


Unknown said...

good grief, Marshall gets better with age.

Emma G. said...

Hey Paul,I´m from Spain (sorry for my english) I'm hooked on recovery right now,specially not afraid always make my day.
Well this is a request,eminem has to come to Spain on tour,has many fans here,is always fun when he comes to Europe,I remember the Skyrock interview in France and the tv total show (although the funniest part was the face of Stefan Raab during the song)
I´ll see the 60 min thing..By the way I hate the google translator..

Unknown said...

It's pretty crazy how intense Em's eyes are now that they aren't giant pupils! I also love the behind the scenes clip:

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Definitively, nobody can rhyme words as him.
When you see him like that,You see the whole talent that he has.
he's the best, just for being different from all the rest people. Nobody can do what he does.

once again Paul, nice video!

take care