Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2-0 Swagger

I am a Detroit Lions fan. It's not an easy thing to be. See, ever since I can remember following football and really understanding it (which is around 1979 and I was 8 years old), the Lions have broken my heart.
In the '79 season, they went 2-14. Then in 1980, when the Detroit defense started calling themselves "The Silver Rush" after their 4-0 season start, the Lions made a theme song. It was a interpolation of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust", sang/rapped by the Lions' defensive back Jimmy "Spiderman" Allen. Here is a link to a blog that posted this ditty. Unfortunately, the pre-Bears' "Superbowl Shuffle" local hit wasn't enough to "restore the roar", and the Lions went on to not even make the playoffs at 9-7 under coach Monte Clark with Billy Simms.
So, I'll spare you the rest of the sad history, it can all be found here. But, the bottom line is that te Lions have never made a Superbowl appearance. In fact, the only time they were close was when they made it all the way to the NFC Championship Game in 1991, where they were smoked by the Redskins 41-10. Our last playoff appearance was in 1999. Since then, the Lions have the pleasure of having the worst overall record in the NFL.
BUT, I'm going to remain positive. We have what appears to be a solid coach in Rod Marinelli, a dedicated and brave if not too religiously outspoken QB in Jon Kitna, and phenom rookie overall #2 draft pick, WR Calvin Johnson... So with TWO wins under our belt to start the season off, I'm going to act cocky about the Detroit Lions NOW. Who knows how long the feeling will last?


Geoff said...

If the Tigers can do it, Paul, so can the Lions. Am I right?

Unknown said...

"6-6 Swagger", just doesn't sound the same, eh?

-Smitty in da 248