Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hurricane Henriette

Sorry for the delay in new posts here. See, I was supposed to be on vacation with the wife for our 1st wedding anniversary. I say supposed because our trip got entirely derailed by Hurricane Henriette.
We were in Cabo San Lucas at a great resort for a couple of days, and then all of a sudden we started hearing about a tropical storm. The tropical storm, of course (Al Gore might be on to something folks) turned into a hurricane, I took the above photo from our balcony after we were released from 9 hours in a shelter on our third day of the trip. Apparently, we were in the eye of the hurricane, but it only reached Level 1 so it wasn't a complete catastrophe. Then, after things settled down enough, we had to spend that night locked in our rooms so that we didn't get hit with flying debris and people wearing those stupid hats that people wear when they go on vacation (you know what I mean, they are usually some sort of straw concoction and could be a cowboy hat or some floppy lady sombrero)- without room service, and not much in the way of television (when the satellite did get reception, at least half of the channels are in Spanish which I only sort of speak. South Park in Spanish is pretty funny). The next day we were told that all of the restaurants were closed, and that it would be at least 4 days until the pools and beach were reopened. So we bounced.
Anyway don't worry about me I am safe with the wife in the United States at an undisclosed location until we have to be in Vegas for the Mtv VMA's this weekend. That's a whole different kind of hurricane...


Travis said...

Man, I'd pay to be in a shit

Anonymous said...

yeah...i don't know about paying to be in a hurricane....but..i would definately NOT HAVE PAID to see Britney's performance.

Honestly...with all the money and time that has been invested in her you would think there would have been a much better performance.