Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Late VMA Post

So we went to the 2007 Mtv Video Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday at the Palms Casino & Resort. I must say that the amount of anticipation and excitement in Sin City was pretty high...
The awards we very well organized but it was weird seeing the red carpet rolled right through the casino floor that I have spent many (too many) late nights losing money in. The casino remained "open" to the public while the glamorous and privileged folks strutted in. It was pretty odd to see so many gawkers so close with so many phone-pda-digital cameras roped off next to the slots and tables. Also, it always happens that when I hop out of whatever hired vehicle I roll up to awards shows in that people are inevitably disappointed that someone glamorous doesn't hop out. Just a big music industry Jewish bald man... (and his gorgeous wife of course- you too Brandon and Tony).
The show was very entertaining, especially the Lee/Rock mini-brawl (yes I did lean over the balcony and yell "Detroit WHAT!?!!). It was a tad confusing on the inside when the coverage switched from the main Pearl venue to the auxiliary performances, but Mark Ronson and his band were killingggg it between the main performances. That Chris Brown kid is super talented (and he really sang too) man he is just getting started it feels like. I was of course pleased as apiked punch with 50's set in the JT/Timbaland suite, as well as the long overdue Dr. Dre ovation.
On the inside it was awesome that each small section of rows was assigned a waitress and the drinks (drunks) were flowing, as well as trays and trays of endless hours d'ouvres (mini-burgers are always welcome by me). We didn't stay for the official VMA after-party though, which I heard was nice.
My only regret on the weekend was staying out too late on Saturday night and not having enough gas left after going to see the late performance at the House of Blues of my clients The Knux (put it in the airrrrr!) opening up for Common on Sunday night to go to more events. I'm getting old... I can't make it 2 full nights of hardcore Vegas'ing in a row anymore... Sad.
I hear the ratings for the show were up over 25% from last year, so I bet that Mtv will return to Vegas for 2008. I'm not mad at that. To remedy the situation, maybe I'll only stay for one night next time!

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Jack said...

i have always found you to be very glamorous!