Monday, December 03, 2007


We went out to Atlantic City on Saturday night for a run with our client DJ AM, who had a gig at the Borgata. The Borgata is by far the best thing that AC has to offer, and there are some good restaurants there as well (Do you like your Bobby Flay steak, DJ AM?). Its like a single, stand-along "Near Vegas" complex. Everything else in that town is not... Anyway they have this crazy modern high polish bright white food court downstairs that, what do you know, has a Fatburger that's open very late.
So we went down to get some egg burgers (yep) and the man pictured above was working behind the counter. The strange drape, cape or net covering his beard is one of the oddest things I've run across in a while. Its like it was specifically designed for the Philly cats who were their long-below-the-chin, black-dyed beards a la the rapper Freeway. It has ear straps. Necessity really is the mother of invention. Early!

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