Friday, December 07, 2007

Hanukkah Radio Audio

Here it is... the 2007 installment of Hanukkah Radio on Shade45 on Sirius Satellite Radio. We had a great show this year, with special guests DJ AM, actor Jonah Hill, and surprise guest in-studio for Jew or Not a Jew? Marky Ramone from The Ramones. Yarmulkes were passed, dreidles and menorahs were explained, Manischewitz was popped, and we thugged it out in a very jewish way. Our co-hosts Lord Searberg, Rude Jew and O.Jew were a big help, as was our very own Dart Garfunkel.

Please be patient with hour 1, there was a silent patch in the first few minutes for some reason. Wait it out... its worth it.L'CHAIM!!!
(Pictured above, L-R, Reef, Me, DJ AM, Dart Parker & Lord Sear, with some yarmulkes)

Hanukkah Radio Hour 1 & Hanukkah Radio Hour 2


Hell Yup! said...

Hanukkah Radio is becoming a classic! - the run back to the crib (2.5 mi) in 20 mins was a great bonus! look forward to it again next yr.

Werdup...Letter down. said...


Laura D said...

Thanks for the entertainment!