Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shady Graff

Recently Eminem's clothing line Shady Ltd. has launched an outdoor marketing campaign (In other words, billboards and the like) with some of the new images from our shoot we did earlier this year with incredible photographer Lyndon Wade.
One of the billboards we hung up in Downtown Chicago on Cicero and 53rd St. was hit by some graffiti writers last week... Our lease on the billboard only runs through January, so we decided to leave it. I kind of like it... Draw even more attention and they left Em and the message in tact. I doubt, however, this was by design, probably more of a convenience thing. Oh well, I guess all the Bunyan71 tags I left in Detroit and East Lansing in the early nineties have caught up with me.
P.S. I have turned on the moderation feature for comments, because some idiot blew it by leaving a post proving their mental midgetry. Sorry, but I'm approving all comments now.


shady_unit said...

shady gotta get all there good stuff available at more stores and gotta get there online store launched

Unknown said...

When run??

Anonymous said...

What up, Paul!

Good to see shady becoming more widely available, hopefully in future it wont be so limited, hope to see more in future on your blog, good stuff.