Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chocolate Surprise

I saw this disgusting idea of a candy bar at a CVS in Texas during SXSW. I'm sure you all know what Pop Rocks are... the fruity novelty candy launched in the 70's that pops in your mouth when the chemical composition of the crystals hits the H20 in your saliva. Zotz! Pops had a similar trick, but that inner substance fizzed, not popped. Anyway there was an urban myth about the kid Mikey from the Life cereal commercials ("Mikey likes it!) that says he died when he exploded from mixing Pop Rocks with Coke. It wasn't true, of course, as myself and every other silly kid actually tried the supposedly lethal combination and we all lived to grow out of our Members Only jackets. So, now its 2008, and Pop Rocks are still around. But they put them inside a chocolate bar. Fruity, popping candy mixed in with chocolate. Why? That sounds awful and gross and no I didn't buy one.


magic8ball said...

You had a "Member's Only" Jacket, Paul. Do you have pictures?

N/A said...

The only way I would eat that is if I were high.