Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Whooliganz "Put Your Handz Up"

Check out the Young Alchemist, formerly known as Mudd Foot, in his better years!


StarPower said...

Hard beat; some ol' Onyx-type ish...

Wish I aint have to be corny, but I don't have an email here to reach you at. Tryin' to hit blogs like this that I KNOW would feel this -

(free link to "The Petting Zoo"

I'm a N.Y. rapper (aren't we all, lol) who did a 12-piece, 22 minute tape over this English dudes Beach Boys/J. Dilla instrumental mash. I'm sure you'll did it.


Unknown said...

Don't forget about Scotty Caan and Evidence from Dilated in there. This was the Happy Walters Era of Hip classic

nomoney said...

tryin to find a son by the whooliganz feat. b-real. its on youtube but want to buy it.