Monday, March 03, 2008

Peter Luger's Burger

Peter Luger's is the oldest steakhouse in New York City, first opening it's Brooklyn outpost in 1887. The steak at Luger's is simply unmatched at any place I've ever been in NYC. The place is an experience itself- old school waiters, no-nonsense appearance, simple menu ("we'll take the steak for 3, please!") and wooden tables and chairs. Not even table cloths. This spot is the goods.
I've been to Luger's for dinner many, many times. I'd always heard that their mythical burger is the best in the city as well, but I hadn't ever made the time to take the trip over the bridge during the week for lunch until a week ago last Friday. Let me tell you, it doesn't disappoint. Picture the best steak meat you've ever had ground into fine prime sirloin and cooked to perfection. I know I'm making you hungry... it's a must-do scenario. Don't bother with the ketchup- just a little spot of their incredible steak sauce is all you'll need.

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Anonymous said...

yum yum eat um up, RB use to make me go there to eat the bovine patties, don't forget the bacon