Saturday, December 19, 2009

Drake: Jew of the Year

Also from Hanukkah Radio 2009 on Sirius XM's Shade45 is the below phoner from none other than Canada's finest export in rap, Drake. Drake is Jewish, and we asked him some questions about it- including whether a certain event took place when he turned 13. Check out the audio below, and learn why we selected Drake as Hanukkah Radio's Jew of the Year. Somehow I doubt that a Hanukkah album is on the way, but we'd kill to get our hands on those photos from that Italian restaurant... Thanks, Drizzy.


Jesus J. Ruiz said...

lol.... very proud of Drake... went from the underground lyricist to a household name...

Vanilllove said...

Jews, italian food... Mr. Paul, did You listening to it:
cruel and hilarious, same time. ;>
Congrats to Drake! His chorus from "Forever" is a melody which I can't throw out of my brain. Point for him.