Friday, December 18, 2009

New Yorkers React to Refill

Check out what folks on the streets of the Big Apple thought of Relapse: Refill tracks. Yes, folks, it's in-stores on Monday 12/21.

No, these aren't actors. For reals.


jang said...

hahaha Gotta love the reaction. It's hilarious!!
Can I see some more please? :D

Vanilllove said...

Wow, well! In Poland, Warsaw, "Refill" wasn't on "Brand New" shelf, but when I asked employee about she said, that lot of people will find it under the x-mass tree. ;) About 17 they must bring new parts from depot. But I'm not sure how it was in smaller shops. Greetz!

MusicBOX13 said...

dear marshall,

i can't believe these video's from nyc. it hurts to think thats how the world thinks of people...

you're beautiful.


sogneparty said...

hehe, love the reactions. hahaha