Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Refill Spots

Check out what's inside Shady Claus's medicine cabinet as well as the official Jordan IV Shady Clause TV spot that's been airing recently. (It didn't serve as such good luck for the Saints against the Cowboys when it aired on the NFL Network broadcast...)

Relapse: Refill
is in-stores today, 12/21/09.


Unknown said...

This Refill is good my man, but you got to check out the video mash-ups I did for eminem videos.... peep it "Queen vs Eminem" dj muggs audio track and the visual mash-up by me dee digitalmarionette (its got titties on youtube ;)

and the EMINEM & Dr. DRE "Old Time's Sake" mash-up... this one took forever to edit hope you appreciate the time spent :)

Also here is one more Eminem mash-up I did to the dj muggs mash-up from the Rocksuperstar mash-up mixtape
Eminem vs Eagles "Hotel California vs Cleaning Out My Closet"

its worth your time brotha :) check it

Vanilllove said...

Dear Mr. Paul,
I wish You a Marry Christmas, many marvelous surprises in 2010, smile to yourself, being good friend and have good friend, feeling important and comfortable in Your life and proud of artist You taking care of. I hope, that rap industry, which You actually develop, will be always so satisfactory for You. And I hope my English not sucking so much to prevent You understanding me. ;> And, btw - I have and idea, how does next Marsh's album should be called:

Take care and wish You Happy Holiday!

sogneparty said...

Nice ;) I bayed Relapse: Refill. and all the songs (on Relapse and the refill) is fantastic ! ;)
Actually all Eminem songs are fantastic.. :-p

and nice blog, Paul :)

Vanilllove said...

Happy New Year, Mr. Paul!!!