Saturday, June 05, 2010

Eminem- "Not Afraid" Video

Took long enough, right? Well here it is. Up, up and away my friends.
We'll have some cool "making of" footage for everyone to check out next week.


k8 said...

I can't understand why some of Em's so called "fans" have nothing but rude shit to say on his website about RECOVERY. First of all they have yet to hear it second of all I have yet to hear an album I don't love. I am just happy to be getting another. If Em was still broke living on 8 mile I would move him to Windsor and support him, as long as he sang to me every night...LOL
Love him

Can't wait for RECOVERY!!!

Unknown said...

The part where Em flies reminds me of I wrong? hahaha...great vid, great song!