Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tim Westwood Freestyles- Round 1 (Video)

Here is Round 1 of the BBC sessions with Westie. Round 3, my favorite, will be up tomorrow.

BONUS: Me and Tim, hollerin'.


Vanilllove said...

Usual comment: first MC is watching 'Braking Bad' I guess ;> The second - hell yeah, heavy voice, I like it. Marsh - do I really need to say anything? ;>

Unknown said...

Haha - Westwood is a joker.

Yo Paul, that shit leaked homie - and you know what? I pre-ordered *2 copies* off the back of how strong this material is.

Tell my nephew Marshall that he hasn't been on his shit like this in what? 8 Years?.

LP is a fucking planet destroyer.

Really enjoy your blog man, keep up the good work.


Charlie. (In England, home of the BIG DOGG - DROP A SKUD ON THAT!)

Vanilllove said...

You and most annoying "Pimp My Ride" host ever together - WOW! I've heard he's kind of Godfather for Ali G, so I already made in my mind Your hyperbolical version of You and it kicks ass. It will be more like cold-blooded SOTB with big headphones on Your head, who like to support Da Bears, watching tv series and yelling at Your artists for fun. This character will drink a lot of some european (wchich means: best) beer and eat some crazy food ordering via phone. I'd love to maka a comic book about it, but I'm more like graffiti writer, not a sketcher. I won't screw it up. ;>

Michael Kallio said...

Yo Paul,.. Mike Kallio here. Jake's cousin,.. just wanted to touch base,.. say hello,.. seeing if you're looking for music video directors,.. lol. I know you don't NEED to look but, I LOVE this new album,.. it speaks to me,.. would love to throw my hat in the ring to, at least, talk to you about ideas. I've always been a huge fan and I think,.. no,.. wait, I KNOW I can make a music video that is original, smart, fun and incredibly visual. Hope you are well and if you are ever in LA,.. would love to get together for food, a drink, coffee, whatever. 818-468-9264 or