Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tim Westwood Freestyles- Round 3 (Video)

Here is the last and final round of the sessions with Westwood from last week in London. I may put up the interview later, but Westie is always trying to sling "deez nuts" jokes so it's a bit crazy... Enjoy 'em.

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Dani Gantt said...

These Tim Westwood videos are cute 'n all... and Ima let you finish...

But seriously, when/where can I buy these Em/Jay-Z Comerica Park tickets??

I've been working for the Census Bureau everyday saving up the money to buy these tickets, and I don't even know how much they are going to cost. THE CENSUS BUREAU!!! Do you know who works there? Old ass retirees who had to work because of the economy. And they are bitter Paul.. BITTER!!!!!