Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Man Original

I collected comic books like crazy when I was a kid, mainly from the time I was around 9-12 years old. Back then, Iron Man was one of my favorite books. While I read comics plenty, I have to admit that even back then I was interested in realizing profits and investing. I'd always look through the printed annual comic book price guides and estimate the value of my own collection, and dream of owning insanely rare titles like Detective Comics No. 1 where The Batman first appeared. So, when I got a little older and had more than a few bucks a week to buy them, I started looking into picking some of my rarer favorites up. Yes, its like fulfilling a childhood fantasy- so what? I don't think there is anything wrong with that as long as you aren't foolishly spending savings for things like your kids' college tuition. So one of the items that I picked up is Tales of Suspense #39, which was the debut of The Iron Man! I got this through an auction about 5 years ago, and while its not in VF condition (I think it was listed as "fair", there is yellowing and a stupid ink date stamp on the cover) its still something I cherish.
Things in the original book were a little different as you can see... Yinsen (below)was an Asian man, and the story differs in some other regards. But I really like how they made the original, first rough suit look so much like the suit in this comic book. Iron Man 2, they say, is already being written.

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