Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smack That In Hebrew

An Israeli artist has done a Hebrew language version of Akon featuring Eminem "Smack That", with an accompanying NSFW animated video. This is really fun to listen to. Don't ask me what he's saying but I think its pretty naughty.

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Lulu said...

Hey Paul, it is a funny video, Thank you for posting.

& As an Israeli I'd like to ask if there's a chance we'll be included in the next D12 tour?

The rap scene over here is growing bigger and bigger everyday so it would be cool to have more artist come to perform, especially from the SHADY camp!

I've been to the 50 cent show two years ago and had a great time.
My parents bought me the ticket as a present since I was a soldier then and I went to the show with all of my friends from the army base.

BTW Just read today in the Israeli newspaper Cypress Hill are expected to come this summer.

I'd like to help if there's any thing you need in order to bring more RAP artists here (arranging petitions etc')

Thanks in advance and hopr you feel better soon (sprained ankle incident)

Le-shana haba (next year) in Tel aviv (?)