Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shady v G Unit v Sedlmayr Bowling Night

On Thursday, May 1st, 2008, the staffs from Shady Records, G Unit Records and Sedlmayr & Associates met for our first ever bowling competition. There was no prize at stake except for the opportunity to say "we the best!"... which Shady was able to do since we had the highest total average scores.

As this score screenshot shows, yours truly had the 2-game highest 10-frame score, with a 164. I came out of the gate very strong with a "Turkey" (3 strikes in a row). It's probably honestly one of the best games I've ever had... but I'll take it. Our dear friend Theo, as you can see, always wears suits- even when he's bowling. I can't say that I recall ever seeing a man in bowling shoes and a suit- what a treat.
So, we came up with the idea to make a Stanley Cup style bowling trophy that will travel from office to office depending upon who wins the tournament, which it looks like we will commit to hold once per season. Photos of the trophy inside the Shady domain will be available exclusively here, at Special thanks to Chipper for organizing the whole affair.


Anonymous said...

RB you look like Ernie McCraken

Anonymous said...

RB = Ernie McCracken nice bowling pose Big Earn

Elite said...

Hahahahaahahah Damn Theo!!! Bowling in a suit!! My man means business at ALL TIMES!!! That's wasup!!!!