Friday, May 30, 2008

Rasheed AF1's, Game 6

Tonight is obviously a "big game". They all are in the playoffs. Momentum swings like a pendulum, which is half of the fun of the NBA playoffs. Before every series starts, everyone talks about how important Game 1 is because it "sets the tone for the series". Then Game 2 is really important because if you go down 0-2, it means you can't win on the other team's court. Then Game 3 is so important because it's the first game home or away... blah blah. They are all important. Period.
One thing I do know is that the Pistons wont lie down. Everyone else knows that too. It's unfortunate that all of my friends who are Laker fans, and plenty of new bandwagon LA douche fans, are all crying for Detroit's head to be severed by Boston. We know why, you are scared. Scared that you could be handed defeat in your cocky purple and yellow jersey's in the toughest city in the USA. You know the feeling, and you don't want to relive it. I understand, I wouldn't either.

In honor of tonight's "big game" I have included photos of my recently purchased Nike AF1 Rasheeds. Sheed is one of the only pro-players I know of that wears Nike AF1's on the court and he has forever. I first heard about these new Sheeds on the great Pistons blog Need4Sheed, and sent the troops hunting for some size 13's (thanks Ed!). The charcoal grey pair are my favorite, the leather was treated with that 3M reflective coating and they are the most subtle of the pack. Yes, I bought all three color ways. Yes, Rasheed is my favorite Piston. Yes, I do think he might get another T tonight because he can't control his mouth. Yes, I don't need any more sneakers and it's ridiculous already.

The thing I admire most about Sheed is his unbridled passion for the game. It can both hurt us and help us, and I was disgusted following last year's elimination. But for a player to care as much as Sheed does and to play hard every game and wear his heart on his sleeve like that is what us fans love. Now, if he was on another team, I'm pretty sure I'd hate him like all of them do. Until then, Sheed will have my support (even when he gets on a terrible roll of shooting and missing 3's from Flint). OK, and no more KG hugging!
BONUS: Rasheed's MTV Cribs Episode (pre-Pistons)

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